The #1 question I hear from Entrepreneurs

“Help me make more monnnneeeeeeeeeeyyyyy!”

Many people start businesses because of a moment of “Eureka”! They are in love with (Blank).  Someone asks them to provide (blank) and hands them dollars for a job well done.  The person providing (blank) thinks “I love this stuff and someone PAID me to do it?”. So they hang up their shingle and wait for the flood of customers to come and keep them doing what they love.

If you have a big network, you can run your business without paying alot of attention to your marketing.  Your people will tell your story and keep your cash register ringing.

But if you’ve tapped out your existing friends and family network and know you want to grow your business

– you need to answer this question.  It seems simple.  Almost too simple. But take a step back and ask it honestly. What comes up?

tweet-graphic-transTweet: What’s the real reason why your client wants to buy from you?


And when you answer it, think from the mindset of your customer.  Not the one who is going to buy no matter what – ie. Aunt Jenny who bought your first box of chocolates in the school fundraiser.  Think about the person who might like you and need your service. But has a ton of options to choose who they want to spend their money with.

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