The one thing we often forget when we have a ton of clients

Can you relate to this scenario?

You are in the midst serving several clients.  Your schedule is packed.  You are giddy with the invoices that you are able to send out.

So of course you are bound to forget this KEY thing in your business.

Check out the video:

Don't forget this key thing when you are busy in your business

When you first started your business, I’m sure you had no problems doing this work.  It’s soooo easy when you are the planning stages to come up with ideas.

The challenge is juggling it when things get busy.

And it’s deeper than just doing the work.  How do you find the creative energy to come up with new ideas?

So here the mindset shift I recommend:  Stop making it into something you have TO DO.

Instead, consider this idea – how does your business solve problems for your clients?  And how can you help MORE people solve problems?

Here are a few examples

“I’m a writer”  Or “I help businesses tell their story in a way that captures their ideal clients”.

” I am an accountant”  Or “I help businesses create plans that allow them to grow and spend less time dealing with the day to day of numbers”.

“I clean homes” or “I help busy families spend more time with the people that they love”.

Can you see the differences?  It totally shifts the perspective and will allow to come up with the specific steps you need to take to get this message out there.

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