Two ways to earn more money this year

Two ways to earn more money this yearI started doing a 30 day challenge of writing down my patterns and habits  and ended up with an aaaammmmzazzzzzing solution.  I decided to shorten one of my workshops and offer it for free.  Why?  Because I’ll gain much more interest if I use it for gathering new friends and fans rather than charging for it.  Once people attend, I know they will get the value and want more.  And I get the double win-win of delivering a message I am super passionate about!!!

When this revelation hit, I thought about other ways that you could earn more money.  After you finish your “non resolutions” time, what else can you do to earn more money in your business?  I’ve got two ideas for you:

1. Evaluate how your website is and is not serving your bottom line.  

After you spend the time and energy designing your website, I bet you were  like “Whew, hope I never have to do that again”!!!

Well unfortunately, you do.  Technology, the web, computers  – they are ever changing.  And as a small business owner, you benefit tremendously when you use your website and all of the new tools out there.

And yes, I take the same medicine I prescribe!  Over the holidays, I started a class, Skillcrush, to learn coding.  I’ve tried coding classes before.  But this was the first time that I felt a total novice like myself could really understand what was going on.  For example, I always knew that white space was important.  But now, I get it from the context of the invisible grid system.  And it was cool to learn how to change fonts, headings, and other stylistic things on the back-end of WordPress.

I have no intention of being a web designer.  But it is fascinating to see how differently I think after taking the class.  It has actually given me new ideas for my website and I know it will be much easier to convey my ideas to my designer.  Which saves me money and also creates new revenue possibilities.  Win-win!!

2. What’s outside of your comfort zone that you need to be doing?

Do you have any problems in your business?  If you are a small shop (ie under 5 employees), it’s probably related to whoever is in charge.  Which is probably, you, the reader.  So I encourage you name something in your  “non-comfort” zone and tackle it!

I was talking to a friend recently who is an entrepreneur.  She was sharing her ongoing battle with success.  Every time she reaches another plateau,  she finds herself zoning out for a few days and ignoring what’s going on in her business.  I get it.  It can be tough when your dreams and the hard work actually start paying off –  because you worry if you can maintain or even improve your successes.

So I l asked her what she wanted to commit that day.  She thought about making some important calls related to her launch.  It wasn’t something with a firm deadline. But important nonetheless.  I suggested she commit to one call.  Not all three.  But one.  She would have  no overwhelm and she could still spend time vegging out in front of the television.

It sounds simple now.  But I truly understand how much courage it took her to share with me her concerns and then be willing to commit to do it differently.  We  get stuck in our patterns.  And it’s easy to come up with reasons rather than diving in like she did and finding out the real problem.

So tell me what you are willing to commit to?  Any changes on your website that you want to tackle? Any comfort zone areas that you are going to address?

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