Women’s History Month Special Presentation

If you are interested in a NEW twist to your Women’s History month programming, consider inviting Malla Haridat to share the “Are You the Next Madame CJ Walker?” presentation. 

It is a chance for students to celebrate history makers like Madame CJ Walker who was considered the wealthiest self-made woman in America at the time of her death in 1919.  But what makes Madame CJ’s story remarkable is that she was an African-American woman who achieved this major accomplishment only a few years after the Civil War.

This presentation will challenge students to uncover key principles to help them transform as future leaders.  After this presentation, attendees will learn more about:

  • Selling their ideas even when it’s uncomfortable – Selling is often seen as a dirty word.  But, it is valuable when you need others to embrace your ideas. Participants will learn the secret of how Madame CJ took the “ick” out of sales and adopt a model that allows them to embrace their fears when communicating their ideas and building support. 
  • The power of taking ownership – Students who want to grow as leaders need to understand themselves, their needs, and their ability to share this vision with others.  Using the tools that Madame CJ shared with her sales teams, this talk will offer a framework for students to learn how to take ownership at any level for the results that they have created in the past and how to communicate their future goals
  • The power of failing  – Students will gain a new relationship with failing and actually be comfortable making mistakes

Using an interactive, and evidence-based approach, Malla Haridat’s unique presentation demonstrates real-world strategies to make life in and out of the classroom success for your students.

If you are looking for a presentation that will move people out of their comfort zones and stop holding on to an old way of doing things that just isn’t working anymore and start taking steps toward realizing their dreams, this is the presentation to turn the light switch on you’ve been waiting for.

Help bring this program to your campus and make Women’s History Month, not just about the information but also the inspiration for the future world changers on your campus.

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