Want to boost your cash flow? Start with these two tips

Ready for big things in your business? Whether you want to launch or you know it’s time to earn more money, here are two tips to get you started:

  1. Stop thinking like a freelancer and identify as the CEO of your business.
  2. Work out your plan. I mean, work that execution until it screams because you nailed your goals.

These two tips are not easy. When you are in the trenches every day, it’s easier to focus on putting out fires. For example:

  • Testing out the newest social media app that promises a gazillion followers
  • Buying the newest technology designed to save you hours doing (fill in the blank)
  • Dealing with clients who pay for two hours but want 20 hours of service
  • Administration and finances (i.e., taxes, bookkeeping, paperwork)

I challenge you to begin to adopt these two ideas slowly. Embrace the value behind it. Your bank account will thank you at the end of the year.

1. You are the CEO, not the freelancer

Too many business owners try to do it all. You can’t. And it often shows up in your sales—or lack thereof.

I understand why you might adopt this pattern. Hiring is expensive, and you might not have the readily trained talent available to step in and get started.

Plus, you probably enjoy what you do.

But I challenge you to consider the shift into the CEO mindset. I don’t care what title you use on your business cards. You are a CEO. You are the leader of your business.

A CEO doesn’t try to do all of the work themselves. They focus on the overall strategy and goals and then find great people to deliver the final results.

You might not be in the best position to hire an entire staff right now, but start thinking from that position.

  1. Don’t tackle your email when you start the day. Emails are other people’s priorities. Start with the big goal you need to tackle for the day.
  2. Createprocesses and plans so that it’s easier to share how you want something done. Otherwise, you’ll spend weeks wondering when you can finally hire someone to develop these processes.
  3. Stop thinking like the makeror the doer. Start asking yourself: How does this help my overall business? Some tasks might not get done. Others will get bumped to the bottom of the list.
  4. Focus on the things that bring in sales. Even if you struggle to keep up with all of the details, this push will give you the resources that you need to finally hire, so be willing to pull back on some of the perfectionist tendencies.
  5. Ask for help. Can’t hire someone full-time? Consider part-time? Can’t afford an assistant for the month? Hire them for 10 to 15 hours at first.

Challenge yourself to keep ramping up your CEO savvy. You want to move from survival mode into operating your business as the CEO or leader.

2. Execute your plan

I know it isn’t easy. There are a ton of distractions. And that’s just in the first 10 minutes when you wake up.

But you need results.

It’s not enough to sit down for a vision board day at the beginning of the year. That’s a great way to start, but how do you measure what is working and what is not working for the year? And how do you understand where you spend your most valuable resource—your time?

You need to focus on EXECUTION. There is a big difference between an idea and actually making money from it. Taking action and following through is often the missing link.

I encourage you to start out by writing it all down. Take a day to brainstorm your goals for the year. Can’t think that far ahead? Start with three months or six months.

And if you want a simple plan to get you started, check out my one-page business plan.

Get someone to poke holes in your plan. Get the advice of a mentor or business coach. Find out the best way to get your goals accomplished. You want someone who has tried similar strategies and can tell you the best way to fast-track the goal.

Be responsible for taking action. Every. Single. Day.

Yes, some days will be easier than others.

But staying focused on your goals will produce results. It takes discipline.

Yeah. The “D” word.

But it’s a powerful, FREE tool that will net you some serious rewards.

So, I’m toasting to your success this year! Share any success stories that arise from testing out these ideas in the comments!


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