Why I’d rather be doing …………. rather than marketing – Part 2

Marketing games for non marketersDislike marketing?  Rather be spending time DOING your business rather than finding customers?  I get it.

Check out my suggestions in my first post.

We are not going after perfection here.  But you need a plan.  So have fun with your strategy day first and then come back to Step #2 and #3.

 Step #2 – Set aside time in your schedule weekly to dedicate to 1 marketing action

I’ll be the first one to say that exercise is not my best friend.  But I know that when I plan time in my calendar to “get ‘er done” – it happens.  If I don’t plan for it – I just keep wishing.

Set aside time each week for marketing.  Commit to sticking to it.  Like a fat kid loves cake.

And if you are squirming now….Malla I don’t have TIMMMEEEEE for this.  Yes, you do.  Find 20 min each week. The real reason that you are living in a feast and famine cycle with your cash flow is that you are probably not spending time on your marketing – consistently.  So keep it simple – pick one thing that you can commit to based on your availability and be CONSISTENT.

To help you get started, I’ll share one of my strategies.  My blog.  My goal is to develop quality content for my clients.  But after I write, I spend time promoting my content.  Three places that I use are:

  • www.bizsugar.com (crazy good ideas on small business)
  • www.socialbuzzclub.com (great way to promote your info).
  • Triberr.com (love me some blogging tribes!)
  • Finally,  I tell my email newsletter list and social media.

I’m always looking for new ways to showcase my value and promote my work but I ensure that it fits into my own marketing strategy – and is a method that I’ll be able to maintain.

That being said, if you have any hot speaking gigs for me – reach out!  I’m looking out for entrepreneur groups who want advice – smart, relevant, and real advice – about how to move their business from a part time ho-hum sales to a rocking cash flow machine!

So pick ONE activity that you will commit to.  Decide the numbers you will measure.  For example, you might set a goal of 100 new email subscribers in 6 months.  If after 6 months, you haven’t reached the goal – adjust your method.  But do give yourself a few months to test out the strategy.  It’s better to gain interest slowly over the long term than it is to gain one hit wonders too quickly.

Step #3.  It’s all about the rewards, baby!

I  know you thought my last step would be more work.  NOT!  lol.   Seriously if you are working your buns off keeping up with existing clients/customers and spending time spreading the word to get others – then give yourself  some rewards.

My favorite – easy.  Time for a massage or free time in Starbucks to plan/brainstorm/research or write.  It might seem frivolous but it’s not.  If you run a service business like I do, YOU are your product.  So take care of yourself – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Even when the cash flow is not coming as regularly as you would like.
  • Even with the neverending things to do list.
  • Even with customers/clients steadily knocking on your door.

Schedule and spend some down time and reward yourself.

So,  did these tips help?  Is there one that you do in addition to these strategies?  Share your thoughts below.

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