Why I’d rather be doing…… than marketing my business

Marketing games for non marketersI’m sure you could fill in that blank with a bunch of different things.

You’d rather be DOING your business than:

  • developing your marketing strategy;
  • figuring out your target market, ideal client, most fantabolous client avatar
  • coming up with ideas for how to spread the word about what you do or
  • creating strategies why YOU are the business that people should remember.

You got started in business because you love to DO something.  And you are probably pretty good at what you DO.

But somewhere along the way, you realized that people might need to know what you DO.  Outside of the three people on your email list and your family.  But you are realizing how HARD it is to both DO your business and tell people what you DO.

I am still searching for the balance between the two.  But in the interim, let me give you some steps to get started and make it easier.  Yes, this can really happen for you.  So read below.  

Plan a brainstorming marketing day 

One of the biggest hurdles of running your own business is you don’t have a map.  Yet, you are out there grinding hard daily.

So take a moment.  Step away from the day to day.  Plan time to ask yourself the tough questions.  Schedule a 4-8 hour break.  (Starbucks anyone?!!) And if things are in crazy season, find an hour.

Here are some questions to get you started:

a.  What are you currently doing well in your marketing?  (Yes, it’s important to start with what you are doing well FIRST! Celebrations are important).

b. What could you be doing better? (Think about the things you keep putting off).

c. What tools, resources and support will you need?  What will it cost?  (Don’t worry about exact numbers or tools.  Take what you know off of the top of your head).

d. What are your marketing goals for this year?  Next year?  And the year after? (Not sure where to start?  Google a few blogs about setting marketing goals).

e. By this time next year – how many customers/clients do you want?  And what do you need to do to get there?

Plan some time to think through these questions deeply and thoroughly.  Brainstorm, brainstorm, and brainstorm some more ideas. DON’T CROSS ANYTHING OUT!!  This is an opportunity for you to think creatively and have fun with your marketing.  Use these questions to start the brainstorming and come up with others.

Once you’ve reviewed your marketing strategy, meet with a coach and review your ideas.  The challenge you’ve had before with your marketing is you tried to figure out the answers by yourself.  So get good advice.  A marketing coach or strategist  can offer another perspective.  My one big suggestion in this area is don’t choose someone who specializes in one area.  While they can be powerful in assisting you once you get the plan underway, you need someone who can see big picture.  So talk to a few friends, search online for some people you have businesses you like or reach out to your small business networks for recommendations.

And oh, yeah.  Stay tuned for my next post on step #2!

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