Why I’m crushing on this “employee” in my biz…

Don't be a slave to the computer screen

I found it when I first started with Twitter to spend hours reading tweets, following new people, and retweeting.  And because I didn’t want to miss anything good, I kept the page open.  All the time.

Can you see the disaster waiting to happen?  Yes.

I started spending hours on the program.

Great for those who created Twitter.  Not great for me getting any work done. #workfail

A friend introduced me to Hootsuite and it changed my relationship with social media.   If you are not familiar, it’s one of several programs that allow you to better manage social media so it doesn’t become a time stuck.

The three things I heart:

1. I could pre-schedule tweets.  I screamed the first time I saw I could do that.  Wait.  I didn’t have to be sitting glued to the screen to show my retweet love!!!

2. I could better manage mentions, direct messages and sent tweets.   No more toggling back and forth from one screen to the next.  Everything is contained in one screen.  It takes a moment to adjust to the screen at first.  But once you do, you never want to go back to the old school way.

3.And the app just sealed the deal.  I found myself standing on line and waiting for mass transit using it.  It was perfect.  I didn’t have to wait until I was at my desk to maximize it.


Now I want to be clear. I don’t think that you should use Hootsuite and other programs like this exclusively. I definitely log into the programs directly from time to time. And I also ensure that I am keeping up with my social media live. There is nothing worse then an account where everything pre-scheduled. They forget to have a CONVERSATION on social media. lol. Can you tell it’s a pet peeve of mine?

But if you are a busy entrepreneur working on personal branding and the demands of your business – it’s perfect. It also can save you a ton of time and energy when you start using it because you can monitor several accounts through the one feed.

Have you used it?  Found it helpful?  Are there other tech apps you have a love fest with?


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