Why I’m not bothered that we didn’t create vision boards at my recent workshop

If you want more than fancy doodads and trips, you'll look for these deeper visioning and goal setting opportunities. Y’all I hosted a vision board workshop. And we didn’t even get to the part where you create the board.  But, I couldn’t be happier!  LOL

Why this insanity you ask???

Because visions boards are about much more than pasting pretty pictures.  It is more than cutting fancy ads about the doodads you want or places you want to travel.

  • It’s about tapping into your core dreams.
  • Uncovering possibilities that you have buried.
  • And drafting a plan to bring this ideas to life.

Without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out.

Because here is something many entrepreneurial leaders know about goal setting and dreams:

It’s not the ideas. It’s about the execution.

You and I both know people who have a slew of good ideas

  • Oooohh, I’m gonna start this product line in my business
  • Oooohhh, I’m going to find a client who pays me to do what I love
  • Ohhhhhh, I’m going to add this swoosh to my marketing and they will come
  • Or ohhhhh I’m gonna find the most amazing people to hire

Now I live in a world of possibilities.  I run a business.  I have to believe that the impossible can happen.

But if you can’t turn those great ideas into realities, it’s easy to get discouraged.  Easy to feel less than when additional projects keep jumping into your plate.

So I challenge you to step back and look at the things that will really make your business grow.

Put on your CEO hat.  Not just “roll up your sleeves, git ‘er done” hat.

The one that can see the big picture.  And envision what’s possible.  Start addressing these ideas:

  • What is the big thing that your company offers that people can’t get elsewhere?
  • What is the big project that will increase your revenue?  And what busy work do you need to ignore to get it completed?
  • What are personal goals that you’ve put on the back burner? What is stalling your ability to feel confident and grow your company?

Here are a few ways to dive deeper into this topic :

Do you spend your time on revenue producing or busy work?

Yes, there is alot that you seemingly “need” to do.

  • Spruce up the website
  • Find new ways to display your brand
  • Navigate promos, events and items that will lead to more sales

But are those things really producing REVENUE? Or are you stuck in busy work land?

If you are like most, you are doing the busy work.  Feels good.  Makes you feel accomplished.  Easy to check off you list.

Step back and add more task items that will generate revenue.  It might be hard or uncomfortable to make the switch.  But this is a key way that you move from possibilities to realities when you are moving forward with an idea on your vision board.


Are you surrounded by others who are willing to dream too?

The energy in the room was electric.

Most of women did not know each other prior to the vision board event.  But after sharing stories, dreams and even a few tears, everyone bonded.  It didn’t matter if everyone in the workshop wanted to make 6 figures in their business or they came to tackle personal goals.  They felt supported and heard.

So it was easy to start planning when someone shared a stretch goal in the workshop.

  • No one challenged the person or acted as the naysayer.
  • No one said “Oh that’s crazy” or 100 of the other ideas that you often hear from people too afraid to act on their dreams.

Instead, people shared suggestions.  Plausible next steps.  Challenges that might arise and how to overcome them.

You know the saying – water rises to its own level.  This totally happened during my vision board workshop.  When you hang out with others at the same level, you might surprise yourself with what you are able to achieve.

Be honest about what is preventing you from reaching greatness

This one is the hardest to tackle.  Because we are soooo close to it.

You can often see the flaws, weaknesses, struggles in others around you.  Especially those closest to you.

But what weakness, flaw, or struggle within you…is keeping you from achieving your own entrepreneurial greatness???

If you are having cash flow issues, is it really that no one wants to buy or do you have some key things in your business to address?

For example, do you struggle around worth and value issues around money?

  • Are you ignoring something that your prospects reeeealllly want from your business?
    • Because you are too attached to your original ideas?
  • Do you have issues around asking people for help?
    • Because they have disappointed you in the past?
    • Or because you have been raised to be independent and  “you got this”?
    • Or do you wear busy as a badge of honor?

All of these insights require deep introspection and honesty.  They might be the very reasons that your company is not growing.

Or there might be other challenges.

Your business will rise or fall to the level of YOUR entrepreneurial leadership.

Either way, I encourage you to be honest about what is preventing you from greatness.  Talk to a trusted coach or mentor.  Listen to the advice of other entrepreneurs who are a few years and dollars ahead of you.

And then do the work to make the needed changes.

Your bank account and future clients will thank you!


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