Why you need to avoid info overload during the quarantine

Why you need to avoid info overload during the quarantine

We SHOULD avoid info overload. But do we really understand how too much information impacts our business? ie. spending too much time watching the news or digesting social media updates on the virus.

I dive in during my latest podcast episode and highlight why this warning is important for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners. It isn’t just about spending less time watching television. There are key benefits when you slow down/pause the overload. You’ll find ways to think more effectively and grow your business in the process. Listen in….


Why do you need to avoid information overload?

  • We’ve been taught that education is good. Therefore, more information must be good. But in our 24 news cycle culture, it can be damaging in particular for entrepreneurs. Learn how you can determine if you are on the border for too much info.
  • There are real benefits to recognizing this pattern. It’s more than just gaining back time from less news or limiting/pausing social media.
  • I argue that entrepreneurs often forget their most valuable asset. Listen in for how spending less time consuming will automatically renew this asset.
  • Why info overload will hurt the long term growth possibilities in your business
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