Why your business needs a personal relationship with PR

Stop putting PR as one of the last things to do in your business! It’s a key part of earning visibility aka new clients.

Stop putting PR as one of the last things to do in your business!

I get why it happens.  You think “Some day I’ll hire someone to manage my PR.  Right now I need CASH flow baby!”

You do.  And having a personal relationship with PR can help you get the cash flow.

It’s a transition to move from working for someone else to working for yourself.  And PR is one of those areas that you need to “mentally” transition into.  It looked different when you were working for someone else.  All you needed was a resume and a LinkedIn profile.  If you were really good, you had a few mentors and sponsors.  Even during the lean hiring years at companies, you could still navigate a job change through networking and prayers that your resume is reviewed.

But when you start a company, you’ve got to develop a new mindset about PR.  It’s not just a one sheet and a few handshakes.  You’ve got to be willing to be front and center to help position your company for success.  It requires a willingness to be in the spotlight.

And for many, that’s a something to requires a mental shift.  But if you don’t make the shift, you risk losing out on future business.  Consider this scenario:

Scenario: You meet a prospect at a networking event

You have a great conversation and good vibe discussing your prospect’s problem…which you can easily solve.
You follow up the next day
And then ……
you wait
and wait
And wait
And after a few follow ups on your end, you figure out it was another “no” and move on.

There could be a hundred reasons why they didn’t contact you.

But consider  – Was your lacking PR campaign the reason that they didn’t choose you?

Here’s how it looks from their end – They visit your website and don’t find press mentions, see you with high profile clients or other distinguishing factors that set you apart from your competitors.  They talk to others in their network and no one mentions your name.  They google you and have a hard time finding you present in the industry or even in your geographic area.

So they conclude you are just like “the rest of them”.  And look for a cheaper competitor to support them.

That’s how your PR strategy can help you.

So start thinking from a long term perspective about how you want to develop a PR strategy in your company.   Your press clippings, mentions, public and social media profile are all avenues that will make it easier for prospects to realize why you are the company they would want to work with.

1.  Examine your thoughts about PR.  Are you shying away from it?  Is it something that doesn’t make you comfortable?  Consider talking with a coach or mentor to determine the best way for you – ie your style and brand – to develop a PR strategy.

2. Start where you are.  Pick one or two goals that you want to work on this year to get your PR strategy/plan into place.  Could you do a guest blog post?  Could you get interviewer on a radio show?  Are there any high profile clients that you can share success stories?  Pick some easy wins and start working on the bigger plan as you gain wins and confidence.

3. Tell me what idea resonates the most and any successes that come your way!! I look forward to helping you out with questions that come up!!



One thought on “Why your business needs a personal relationship with PR

  1. Heather Stone says:

    Hi Malla,
    PR, like marketing, should be something built into your product or brand from the beginning. Examining PR as an afterthought has many downsides, including having a product or service that is difficult to share and could be difficult for press and others to get a handle on. Thanks for sharing your post with the BizSugar community.

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