Work with Me

Why do people hire me as their small business coach?

Reason #1 – So you stop wasting time

Yes, you can read free resources online.  Or attend  events or workshops.  But that doesn’t mean you are any closer to your personal solution.

Information is free these days.  But figuring out a solution that fits your business and entrepreneurial leadership like a glove requires someone who can dive in deep and listen to what matters to you.

And my solutions come from years of working with entrepreneurs.  I’ve delivered numerous workshops.  Taught 50 hour “Start a Business” courses.  And worked with a long list of clients one on one to find solutions for their businesses.

So you can continue to wade through all of the “free” info. Or you can decide that you really want the solution and bypass the wait.

Reason #2 – Because you have no idea how to really market or sell your service

And it’s too big a topic to start while you are searching for clients.

Honestly, you are not alone.  Most service based business owners have not formally been educated on these topics. Or worked professionally in these areas.  So they struggle.

End the crazy cycle by hiring Malla to help you customize a marketing or sales plan that is easy to follow and keeps you motivated because you are finding clients.

Reason #3 – You need a boost of confidence

One of the oft-missed topics for small businesses is entrepreneurial leadership.  Whether you have dreams of a lifestyle business that allows you flexibility or you want a small team that helps you reach hundreds of customers, you need entrepreneurial leadership skills.  And the confidence to handle the inevitable bumps that come along with owning your business.

So work with a coach who has won business plan competitions, received press like a feature article in the New York Times and is totally committed to helping you systematize your strengths in your business.

Ready to get closer to solutions?

Here are options:


The Accountability Crew

If you are struggling with your business and could use help focusing, join the Accountability Crew.  You’ll get a mix of group coaching on your toughest biz growth questions and check-ins that ensure you keep moving forward with your goals.



Pick My Brain Strategy Session

Book a 1 time strategy call so you can walk away with a easy to follow plan and clarity around what is truly keeping you from earning more money




DIY Kit – 1 mo. email coaching + 2 game changing ebooks 

This kit will help you save time and money while running your business. These two ebooks will get straight to the point, provide ACTIONABLE steps that you can take with limited time and lead to PROFITS in your business. Plus you’ll receive access to email coaching with me for ONE MONTH after you purchase the kit.